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Quality & Safety


The highest quality build, in a safer environment.

Understand, predict, and correct issues before they become a problem.

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UI screenshot of the Procore Quality and Safety reporting insights screen
UI screenshots of safety inspections and records


Purpose-built for the site.

These tools are built for the site, making it easy for site teams to contribute to and comply with construction safety regulations and quality specifications.

Procore UI with persona headshots illustrating a connected platform


Execute from one controlled location.

All the necessary documentation, reference materials and records needed to ensure standards are met with verification methods that create accountability along the way.

Quality & Safety Procore App screens


Understand what’s leading to greater risk.

More information from site teams means greater insight into the root causes of quality and safety issues, risky behaviours, near misses, and incidents.

Procore observations screen


Predict and improve.

Through everyday tasks, identify risks and track opportunities for improvement.

Procore ISO Safety Solution


Streamline safety procedures: Procore Safety Essentials

Reap the value of Procore’s support and Quality & Safety solutions to comply with ISO9001 and OFSC accreditation to ensure your teams stay safe and healthy.

See the numbers.

With Procore on your side, you get time back to focus on the important stuff. See exactly how our clients are saving.


Days Saved

Customer respondents reported saving an average of 15 days on the overall schedule on a typical project.


Improve Documentation

85% of customer respondents agree Procore improves their field crews’ ability to document and communicate site issues.


Improved Safety

79% of customer respondents that use Quality and Safety agree Procore has improved their company’s safety program.

* Based on a 2022 survey of Procore customers.

Quality & Safety Tools

Discover all the tools you need for the highest quality build in the safest environment.

Schedule tool black


Minimise confusion with integrated programming software.

Tasks tool


Track and manage every coordination-related step in your process.

Connect everyone and everything on one platform. Build better.

Work more efficiently, communicate better, and build faster from a single source of truth. See how you can do more on the leading construction management platform.

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Procore Marketecture Platform diagram

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